Here Is A Simple Way To Create 1,000 New APS Jobs

The ABC recently reported that “Commonwealth spending on consulting and labour-hire firms now exceeds $5 billion a year.” Read the full story here: James is acutely aware of this situation. For more than two decades, our business has revolved around training and coaching federal government employees (in fact we’ve trained more than 15,000 staff).However, [...]

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Are the best project manager’s specialists or generalists?

The recently published 2019 PPM Benchmark study from AXELOS found that the majority of project managers (54%) felt that in order to be successful in the future, they would need to become more generalist. That compared to only 34% who believed the opposite that they needed to focus on becoming more specialist. This in [...]

What makes a good project leader?

Here at Tanner James, I was recently talking to a participant on one of our PRINCE2 training courses – they are working on a nationwide project which involves a complex mix of disciplines including legal, medical, education and training. The leader of this initiative (let’s call her Sharon) has oversight of a project budget [...]

Do Project & Program Management qualifications have a future?

AXELOS, the custodians of PRINCE2 and MSP have recently published their Power of Professional Certification report into how people perceive and value qualifications. I wanted to write this post as a discussion off the back of the report and delve into some of the topics covered. Professional qualifications (and arguably most assessment based testing [...]

Is your team having superficial conversations?

I was running a client briefing recently, and something wonderful happened: an unstructured conversation broke out, and I was left standing in the corner as a spectator. I abandoned the remainder of the briefing slides, and joined the conversation where I thought I could contribute. Afterwards I reflected that this should be the norm, [...]

The APS P3M Community of Practice and Centre of Excellence are a great way for you to collaborate with peers

While SES officers are critical to effective programme management or project management, the engine room is the community of APS practitioners who have a passion for making these disciplines cornerstones of high quality policy implementation. I was therefore delighted to see the Departments of Finance and Prime Minister and Cabinet have launched a renewed [...]

Will the Fourth of July be Programme and Project Management Independence Day in Australia?

To The Fourth of July (excerpt from Poem by Swami Vivekananda) Behold, the dark clouds melt away, That gathered thick at night, and hung So like a gloomy pall above the earth! Before thy magic touch, the world Awakes. The birds in chorus sing. The flowers raise their star-like crowns— Dew-set, and wave thee [...]

Are your Programmes and Projects under the pump with no time for classroom learning?

Workplace learning is a way to learn PPM methods and improve the time available for management In my previous blog “How to get Beyond Training & Templates” I introduced some of the considerations associated with learning programme and project management methods such as MSP® and PRINCE2®. I pointed out that there are many (at [...]

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How to get Beyond Training & Templates

Here are three typical responses to the question “where are you with programme and project management?”: All our project managers are (say) PRINCE2®-qualified and we have a full set of templates on the intranet that they have to fill in. We’re given much theory and not enough about how to really do it. The [...]

Conflicting philosophies? Really?

As a PRINCE2® trainer for many years, I have often been asked whether you can use Agile delivery in a PRINCE2 project management environment. I typically give the ‘short answer’ – ‘Very much so; in fact they are very well suited to one another’, More often than not this has inspired lots of challenging [...]

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