Something NEW is about to be revealed – but wait…

First let’s touch on the 2020/21 Federal budget. What a whopper! Money, big money, is being thrown at everything. I am not going to suggest that this is not an appropriate strategy in the current situation vis-a-vis: recovery from triple disasters (drought, fire & coronavirus); anomalies in the health system (general, emergency and aged); [...]

Keys To Success For An APS IT Infrastructure Program

I think consulting companies can sometimes gloss up their successes and ignore their more frustrating experiences.  Certainly, being a consultant who cares about the outcome can be testing sometimes as it’s not always possible to connect and communicate the keys to success.  Or if you do connect with one part of the organisation, there [...]

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Why aren’t we getting better at programme and project management?

“If we have been using MSP® and PRINCE2® in the public service for a while now, why aren’t we getting better at programme and project management?” That was the question out to me by an agency head recently. It’s a great question, and one I thought worth exploring. Are we getting better? My gut-feeling, [...]

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How to create a Digital Transformation Plan

In my last blog “This is why Digital Transformation Coordinators can’t sleep…” I pointed out that if you are a Digital Transformation Coordinator (DTC) you have a big role to perform. One of the first duties of a DTC is to develop a Digital Transformation Plan. I’d like to offer a few tips on [...]

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Are your Programmes and Projects under the pump with no time for classroom learning?

Workplace learning is a way to learn PPM methods and improve the time available for management In my previous blog “How to get Beyond Training & Templates” I introduced some of the considerations associated with learning programme and project management methods such as MSP® and PRINCE2®. I pointed out that there are many (at [...]

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How to get Beyond Training & Templates

Here are three typical responses to the question “where are you with programme and project management?”: All our project managers are (say) PRINCE2®-qualified and we have a full set of templates on the intranet that they have to fill in. We’re given much theory and not enough about how to really do it. The [...]

How do I implement MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes)?

How do I implement MSP? It’s the question that all executives face once they have made the decision to use the framework for programme management. Knowing where to start is the tricky part, so here are some pointers. Why are you doing this? If you don’t know the answer to this fundamental question there [...]

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