We recently worked with a Pacific island country to assist their revenue department implement a comprehensive revenue collection strategy. With our trainer working from home and participants gathered in a conference room, we used video-conferencing to help them identify and plan their projects.

Over a period of six months, Principal Consultant and Trainer; Ray Ahern, worked virtually with teams to plan projects to ensure robust, reliable and transparent revenue streams.  This is a great example of quality outcomes from a virtual delivery.

The agency we worked with were reviewing their strategy to ensure more robust, reliable and transparent revenue streams supporting inclusive and sustainable economic growth. 

As well as delivering substantial changes in its own right, a key part of this strategy was to improve the reliability of Government project delivery.  

Tanner James was engaged in partnership with the agency to help improve skills for key Government personnel involved in critical projects.   

Tanner James designed and delivered tailored, integrated training and workshops, engaging project teams in actively planning their projects.  We used a virtual platform for delivery. Each team participated in 6 days of training and workshops spread over a ten-day engagement. That took the projects through practical exercises to develop key aspects of their: 

  • Project Brief 
  • Business Case 
  • Project Plan 
  • Risk approach and register 
  • First (or next) Stage Plan 
  • Communications approach. 

Not only did participants receive training in best practices but they gained practical skills in representing this knowledge in typical documents. There was a strong emphasis on brevity and clarity. 

With this mix of training, workshops and capturing outcomes, the teams received: 

  • Accredited PRINCE2 Foundation training 
  • Practical skills in disciplines like:  
    • scope definition 
    • planning 
    • risk management 
    • stakeholder analysis 
    • benefits and business case clarity 
    • project governance and direction. 
  • First draft documentation, enabling further development by the team. 

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