Why do PRINCE2® training?

Why do PRINCE2 training? It’s an obvious question if you are moving to a project or organization that uses PRINCE2. And it’s obvious what the answer will be if you ask a provider of PRINCE2 training. Or is it? Someone said to you: “you should do the PRINCE2 training” Let me guess. Something just [...]

PRINCE2 Training – Beyond the Classroom

Thousands of people undergo project management training every year in Australia. They sit in a classroom or undertake online learning and attain a qualification. If you are one of those people, the interesting question is: what happens when you leave the classroom? In the beginning Before looking at what happens after a newly qualified [...]

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Training project managers in project management is dangerous

Your organisation wants to get better at project management. So you send all your project managers on training courses to get project management qualifications. Unfortunately this will not deliver the results you are seeking. This blog explains why, and what you can do about it. Training individuals does not achieve organisational implementation Projects are [...]

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