Something NEW is about to be revealed – but wait…

First let’s touch on the 2020/21 Federal budget. What a whopper! Money, big money, is being thrown at everything. I am not going to suggest that this is not an appropriate strategy in the current situation vis-a-vis: recovery from triple disasters (drought, fire & coronavirus); anomalies in the health system (general, emergency and aged); [...]

AgileSHIFT Principles Series Part 3: Change will happen, so embrace it

The third principle to be covered in our AgileSHIFT blog series features the principle “Change will happen, so embrace it”. But before we dive into the principle and how an organisation can test it, we first need to step back and take a wider view of today’s business environment, and explore why both the organisation [...]

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DTA Digital Summit 2019 – Tanner James Reflections

Canberra put on a perfect spring day and public servants from across the Territory and beyond came out to network. Congratulations to the DTA for a well organised event – the venue and speakers were first class and this created a great atmosphere and engaged discussions. This event acknowledged that data and technology continue [...]

AgileSHIFT Principles Series Part 2: Challenge the Status Quo

Last month we published the first part in our series covering the five principles of AgileSHIFT, starting with “Tailor your Approach”. If you’d like to catch up on that post (and also have a brief introduction to AXELOS’s latest best practice guidance), you can do so by clicking here. This month’s post explores the next [...]

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AgileSHIFT Principles Series Part 1: Tailor your Approach

Transformation is hard; often it is also necessary. This is the mantra behind AgileSHIFT, the latest best practice solution from AXELOS. Today organisations need to continually improve in order to meet customer’s expectations and avoid being disrupted. AgileSHIFT looks to help organisations to change the way they operate to meet this challenge. Like many [...]

How to successfully adopt self-organisation in project teams

A project is defined as a temporary activity where a team is assembled to create a unique product or service that is so complex that it can’t be handled through the normal day-to-day operations of a business. The manner in which the project team work together and the management style that they work under [...]

Is the APS immune from disruption?

Disruptor: “an entity that changes the way an industry or sector operates, especially in a new, more effective and unexpected way. They may create a market where none existed before” - A guide to AgileSHIFT, 2018 Over the last couple of decades there have been a number of notable stories of organisations being disrupted [...]

Can Servant Leadership work for APS transformation?

If you speak with anyone about digital transformation of public services these days the term “agile” nearly always enters the conversation. One of the cornerstones of agile is the concept of Servant Leadership. But can it really work in a public service environment that is deeply-rooted in traditions of hierarchy and management based on [...]

Digital Transformation; Why is it not just for IT?

I’ve struggled for a long time with the way the current marketplace uses the phrase “Digital Transformation”. I totally get that there is a lot happening in AI and data management and user centric (often online) interactions… but is that really digital? And more to the point, even if that is digital… is that [...]

Digital Transformation; Essential but Hard

Recently I presented a webinar along side Tom Lynam where we discussed digital transformation and some of the systemic challenges currently faced by organisations. While I got some early feedback that this topic already had a lot of content available, I wanted to write this post to share some of the key items we [...]

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