Less management gives you more success

“We don’t have time for project management.” “We can’t afford the overhead of PRINCE2, so we use a ‘lite’ version.” “Our SES doesn’t want full MSP.” “We use Agile so we don’t need project management, that’s waterfall.” Over the years I have heard dozens of remarks like this, and while I usually politely smile [...]

The APS P3M Community of Practice and Centre of Excellence are a great way for you to collaborate with peers

While SES officers are critical to effective programme management or project management, the engine room is the community of APS practitioners who have a passion for making these disciplines cornerstones of high quality policy implementation. I was therefore delighted to see the Departments of Finance and Prime Minister and Cabinet have launched a renewed [...]

This is what happens when SES officers speak freely about programme management or project management

In my last blog I wrote about the one simple thing most SES officers get wrong with programmes and projects: they don’t think about programmes and projects as organisations. This observation generated quite a lot of interest, and so this month I’d thought I’d share with you what happens when SES officers are given [...]

The one simple thing most SES officers get wrong with programmes and projects

There is one simple thing most SES officers get wrong with programmes and projects, and it is this: they think about them the wrong way. Common Misconceptions Whenever I mention to that I specialise in programme and project management to senior executives, it is always interesting to see what kind of responses I get. [...]

What will the Prime Minister’s vision mean for programme and project management in the APS?

I was delighted to attend the Prime Ministers address to the APS in the Great Hall of Parliament House last week, and before I say anything else I must congratulate IPAA for arranging such a tremendous event. It is impressive that over 13 secretaries and heads of agencies attended. In his address the PM [...]

How might the SES now learn from programme and project failure?

I am pleased to have been a contributor to the report “Learning from Failure”1 by Professor Peter Shergold AC, which was published in early February 2016. On page one of the report he says: “Leadership begins with finding the courage to say, ‘I accept personal responsibility for contributing to the failure to which I [...]

Robots versus heroes

It sounds like the title of a great movie, but it’s a battle that is played out every day in every organisation that runs projects. I read something this week that inspired me to write about this battle and what you can do if you are in the midst of it. The battlefield The [...]

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