Wendy had managed to secure the biggest whiteboard Justine had ever seen – technically it was three whiteboards in fact. “I just borrowed these from the Innovation Hub” said Wendy with a grin as she set to work.

She wrote on the three whiteboards as follows:

“Planning and doing” said Wendy. “There you go. On whiteboard one we are going to capture what further work needs to be done over the next few weeks to ensure we have a good definition of who needs to be engaged, what will be created, and we’re going to deliver and get decisions made. Whiteboard two is for all the things we’re actually working on now”.

“And whiteboard three is actions” chimed in Mark. “But why isn’t your name up there Wendy?” “Because it’s not my taskforce” Wendy smiled. “I’m just here to help”.

To be continued…