Booking Terms and Conditions – Public Training

Payment Terms

Payment terms are strictly 7 days unless agreed otherwise.
If a booking is arranged within 7 days of a course commencing then full payment must be made prior to the participant attending the course.

Payment Options

Payment can be made online at our invoice payment page by credit card or an invoice can be requested at the time of booking.

Alternatively, please call and we can take details over the phone and process the payment. A ‘paid’ invoice and receipt will be emailed to you once the booking is processed.

No card payment fee is charged when making credit card payments.

Alternatively, an invoice will be produced and forwarded to your email address. Payment options are provided on the invoice, including our bank details for direct deposit.

Workplace Implementation Pack

This pack is only included with the following courses:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation,
  • PRINCE2 Package (i.e. PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner),
  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation,
  • PRINCE2 Agile Package (i.e. PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner),
  • MSP Foundation,
  • MSP Package (i.e. MSP Foundation and Practitioner).

It includes the following services:

Telephone support – support is offered via phone-call relating to the training course content and is available for 1 month following the course, with a maximum of four calls or 1 hour of telephone time (whichever comes first). Your trainer will call back within 48 hours if unavailable, another trainer will call you.

Implementation Workshop – attendance at a half-day implementation workshop is offered as part of the Workplace Implementation Pack. These can be booked either during course or later if preferred, and are available for 3 months following the course, subject to availability.

The pack and all of its components are not refundable or transferable.

Flexible Exams

An exam voucher will be provided for each participant, and that will be valid for 12 months from being issued. No refund is offered for exams not sat within this 12-month period.

For paper-based classroom exams, attendees can decide to postpone their exam at any point from booking up until 30 minutes prior to exam. The exam can then be sat at a later date. Bookings are essential.

Postponement/Cancellation for all Courses

If attendance on a course is postponed or cancelled, the following charges will be incurred, depending on period of notice:

Notice Period
20+ working days
0% of course cost
0% of course cost
11-20 working days
25% of course cost
50% of course cost
0-10 working days
50% of course cost
100% of course cost

The postponement or cancellation percentages will be charged on the full cost of the course.

Participants must meet their postponement or cancellation liability, as set out above, before a rebooking will be accepted onto another course.

Participants can be substituted at any time without charge, unless the course has already commenced. Postponement charges for a participant may be waived at our discretion if a valid medical certificate is provided.

If the participant has not attended the course within 12 months of booking, the registration will become null and void and no refund will be offered. In instances where non-attendance is due to a course having been cancelled by Tanner James, a refund may be offered at our discretion.

Please note, once online exams have been scheduled, the exam institute (PeopleCert) may impose fees for postponement and/or cancellation, depending on the notice provided. These fees are outside the control of Tanner James and as such do not form part of these terms and conditions and any fees are the responsibility of the participant.

Diploma and Cert IV Assessment Period / Extensions Policy

Diploma and Cert IV assessments need to be completed within 6 months of last day of the Diploma course. If you do not wish to undertake the assessment process, you must notify us within 5 working days of the course completion otherwise you will be deemed to have commenced your assessment.

Once an assessment commences, there is no refund for the assessment component. If the assessment is not completed after 6 months, it will either be terminated or an additional assessment fee charged again if the individual wishes to extend their assessment for another 6-month period.

Tanner James may, at its sole discretion, offer an extension to the assessment period without an additional charge if the delay in completion is deemed to be as a result of the individual’s long-term illness, absence from work or other extenuating circumstance. Please contact us directly in this instance so that we can work to assist you.

Information for Individual Learners – Diploma / Cert IV Course (Nationally-recognised Vocational Course under the Australian Qualification Framework)

If you are an individual learner (ie not booking through a Government Department or Company), Tanner James is required to provide the following information to you (under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015) prior to enrolment or commencement of training/assessment:

  • all fees payable to Tanner James,
  • all costs involved with your course,
  • how and when fees must be paid,
  • how to request a refund and the conditions under which a refund would be provided, and
  • your rights as a consumer.

Given the complexity of fees, costs and their payment, please contact Tanner James for a written explanation tailored to your specific circumstances. Tanner James does not enrol learners under any loan or delayed payment arrangement (including VET FEE-HELP).

Effective 1 January, 2024