• Strategic Benefits Mapping in the Public Service

    February 2013

    As the Managing Benefits guidance points out “BENEFITS are not simply just one aspect of project and programme management, they are the rationale for the investment of tax payer’s and shareholder’s funds in change initiatives”. 

    Understanding the contribution of change initiatives to organisational objectives is at the heart of effective benefits management. There needs to be a clear line of sight from strategic intent through to the benefits of change initiatives and vice versa. Where this is in place we have a basis for meaningful assessments of strategic contribution. 

    In this webinar, Barry Anderson, Tanner James' CEO, shared his insights into the strategic impact of benefits management in the public service. 

    Barry looked at the drivers behind benefits management including that driver-based analysis and benefits management is two-way since benefits management should provide the data to validate and refine as necessary the business model and the assumptions upon which it is based.

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  • How To Apply PRINCE2 Better, Immediately 

    October 2012

    When you or your colleagues returned to work, after attending PRINCE2® training, were you all excited about how your new training was going to be applied to make your projects run better? 

    Now, when you look back, does it seem like things haven’t changed that much and your application of PRINCE2, outside of the classroom, in the real world, hasn’t panned out how you thought it would?

    Do you often think that your application of PRINCE2 could be better? 

    You are not alone. 

    The project management training industry operates on a bit of a myth that you enter a course on a Monday and exit on Friday with the capability to run any project successfully. The reality is that it isn’t quite like that (we are guessing you figured that bit out already).

    In this webinar, we shared our best hints and tips, developed over the years since we introduced PRINCE2 to Australia. 

    Whether you have recently attended PRINCE2 training, have been using it for years, are a new hand or an old hat, there is something to help everyone apply PRINCE2 better, immediately.

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  • Managing Benefits - Optimizing Return on Investments (APMG International Webinar)

    October 2012

    Research shows that despite substantial investments, organizations across all industries and sectors continue to struggle in demonstrating return on investments in change. Managing Benefits is the new guidance and qualification scheme from APMG-International designed to address this problem, providing generally applicable guidance encompassing benefits management principles, practices and techniques.

    During this webinar, hosted by APMG International, Steve Jenner - author and chief examiner for the new guidance and recognized expert in the portfolio and benefits management fields - describes how the new guidance can improve an organization's ability to optimize benefits realization.

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  • Benefits Management Webinar – It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated 

    September 2012

    Much has been written about the importance of benefit realisation and it is widely accepted that real project and programme success lies in reaping true quantifiable benefit for your organisation. 

    On a Benefits Realisation Workshop recently, a delegate remarked “This isn’t that complicated”. It reminded us that benefits management essentially comes down to a number of key areas. That’s not to say that they don’t require effort and change to make them happen, but the pay-off is there. 

    This 30 minute webinar discusses the key areas of benefits management and provides an opportunity for you to ask questions.

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