Tanner James core business is enhancing our client’s Portfolio, Programme and Project Management capability and we have a key focus on skills transfer.  Our business model is to work with the people in our client organisations to understand your goals and problems and to identify a solution that delivers you real value.

In the same spirit we are making these templates available to clients free of charge so that you can use them as a resource to help you in your day to day activities.  They will give you a start point so you don’t start from a blank page and re-invent the wheel and give you the confidence to step out and apply your understanding.  We recommend them as an aide memoire for what needs to be considered as part of your P3 management activity.

PLEASE DON’T simply take these templates and use them (or worse still impose them on others) as a “rote learning” solution without meaning or understanding.  “Death by template”, where people slavishly fill in the boxes without seeking to understand has confused and abused more people than any other aspect of P3 management.

Please also don’t believe that these templates are a substitute for training in or guided tailoring of the P3 methodologies.  If you have any questions please contact us  and we’ll be happy to help you understand the path forward.

MSP® Templates
PRINCE2® Templates