Flexible Exams


  • Sean @ Health
    PRINCE2 Overview Course 
    "PRINCE2 is the defacto standard all project personnel in government needs to get on board."
  • Adele @ DTO
    MSP Overview Course  
    "Excellent delivery in a discussion type manner that deep dived into subjects relevant to the group."
  • Salma @ Education
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course
    "The course was extensive but useful for future"
  •  John Haythorpe
    MSP Foundation Course
    "A well balanced course, combining practical examples and the right level of theory. I'll be back to Tanner & James for my next Training experience"
  • Melanie @ Prime Minister & Cabinet
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course
    "Fantastic course and a great trainer!"
  •  Megan @ RXP Services
    PRINCE2 Practitioner Course
    "I really enjoyed the PRINCE2 courses provided by TJ. I would definitely recommed completing the certifications through TJ, it was a very informative, interesting and fun few days!"
  • Bill @ RAFF
    Managing benefits foundation Course
    "My first TJ course and I was very impressed with the package!"
  • David @ Defence
    MSP Foundation Course
    "So often, passing this type of course is just a memory exercise. With Tanner James, the method of training and instructor knowledge was exceptional and key to cementing my understanding of the MSP process."
  • Casten @ Defence
    mSP Foundation Course
    "The course added much needed value to my PRINCE2 knowledge, and the trainer was very enganging"
  • paul @ Defence
    MSP Foundation Course
    "The trainor (John) was very knowledgable in this field and was great at presented the course."
  • Annie @ Industry
    MSP Foundation Course
    "Leo Farrelly may be Canberra's best kept training secret. This is two for two training courses he's lead me from zero to practitioner in five easy and fun-filled days!"
  • Sabina @ Deakin University
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course
    "The program was intense. The trainer, Craig, drew examples from our experiences and this really helped in understanding the concepts."
  • David @ Defence
    MSP Foundation Course
    "A very detailed and useful introduction to MSP"
  • Colin @ Health
    PRINCE2 In-Practice Course
    "Constructive and well presented course. Presented a methodolgy that can directly applied in my day to day and longer time frame responsibilities."
  • Ralph @ Health
    PRINCE2 In-Practice Course
    "A well constructed coruse that enables business areas to better manage product design, management and delivery"
  • Jacquie @ Immigration and border protection 
    MSP Overview Course
    "The course provided an excellent introduction to the programme management toolkit. It highlighted the importance of getting the foundations right - understanding the purpose, rationale and benefits of  the change and being able to communicate it in simple"
  • Terence @ CSIRO
    PRINCE2 Overview Course
    "Gerry covered the material in thorough detail and clearly knew his stuff - highly recommended"
  • Megan @ DoHA
    PRINCE2 In-Practice Course
    "The flexibility offered with PRINCE 2 Is fantastic, the trainer had a great way of explaining this."
  • Rob @ Austrade
    PRINCE2 Executive Briefing
    "executive Prince 2 is a great way to understand the value of the methodology and how it can be efefctively applied in our organisation"
  • Sarah @ DoHA
    PRINCE2 In-Practice Course
    "I went from knowing nothing about project management to having a good solid basis to build on."
  • Alyssa @ Immigration
    Diploma of Project management course
    "For someone very new to Project Management, this course was exactly what I needed to feel more confident moving into a new line of work."
  • Li-Fen @ Defence
    MSP Foundation Course
    "I attended both the PRINCE2 and MSP Foundations courses. Both trainers were fantastic and I found the courses extremely useful."
  • Richard @ Telstra
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course
    "Tanner James - The leaders in Prince2 course delivery & training"
  • Les @ Geoscience Australia
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course
    "The training material and course made it very clear how PRINCE2 is useful"
  • Richard @ Health
    PRINCE2 In-Practice Course
    "The course represents best practice in project management; the reference materials were excellent and the presenter was knowledgeble and well-informed."
  • Kate @ ActewAGL
    PRINCE2 Overview Course
    "The one day course is just enough to show you how much more there is to learn. It was obvious from the start that our trainer knew his stuff inside and out and he was determined to tailor the day to suit US, not some presecribed course content. Excellent"
  • Sally-Ann @ ActewAGL
    PRINCE2 Overview Course
    "The overview was a great insight into the Prince2 model and really highlighted the benefits of using this approach without getting too involved in the detail. A highly engaged trainer who really made the day worth while."
  • Matt @ Industry and Science
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course 
    Tren was a great trainer who encouraged questions, and had plenty of experience and examples to draw from.  The extra materials on top of the standard manual were a great added value.
  • Scott @ RAA
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course 
    “ The course was fantastic, the trainer knew EVERYTHING. It gave me a solid knowledge of Prince2.”
  • Angela @ QinetiQ Australia
    MSP Foundation Course 
    The way the course was structured to support learning passing the exams was terrific and so supportive. The training was outstanding and geared the learning to ensure we all passed. Highly recommended" 
  • Joanne @ Health
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course 
    A well presented comprehensive course
  • Brooke @ Health
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course 
    Tanner James delivers a quality course in a comfortable environment. I'd highly recommend TJ to both corporate and personal customers; without reservation, I will return to TJ for my future qualifications.
  • Leigh @ Veritec
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course
    The course was really useful. Not only did it thoroughly cover the concepts, the trainer was really good at providing real life examples and the application of Prince2. He clearly was still active in the industry which really allowed him to answer questio
  • Callum @ Parliamentary Services
    P3O Foundation Course 
    Good course, content that can logically be applied to any size organisation that run a Portfolio of Change.
  • Rohan @ Social Services
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course 
    The foundation course has provided a fantastic base for me to model the methodogy in my Deprtment
  • Maria @ NSW Family & Community Services
    MSP Foundation Course
    The Trainer's industry experience provided value-add to the corse delivery.   The course was more realistic instead of just being literature-based
  • Jane @ Health
    MSP Foundation Course 
    The course gave me the confidence to apply best practice programme managment to the real world.
  • Kim @ defence
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course 
    Another impresive Tanner James experience - I can't wait for the next course!
  • David @ ActewAGL
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course 
    The course provided a wide ranging and intricate level of detail on all things Prince2. The trainer was fantastic....a fountain of knowledge.
  • Mark @ Planit
    PRINCE2 Foundation Course 
    This is a fast paced course, however the content is presented in a clear manner and topics are repeated just enough for it to sink in and make sense. I'd highly reccomend this course to anyone who needs a basic understanding of PRINCE2