P3M3 Assessments

The adoption of P3M3® by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) follows one of Sir Peter Gershon’s (Gershon) primary recommendations that federal agencies improve their capability to commission, manage and realise benefits from projects.

Independently validated Agency capability and an Agencies Capability Improvement Plan (CIP) are now factors considered in the two-pass investment approval process for both New Policy Proposals (NPPs) and internally funded agency projects.

The Government’s confidence as to whether agencies have sufficient capability to deliver target benefits, within budget, is likely to be demonstrated through an agency’s independently validated P3M3® maturity level and the required Capability Improvement Plan (CIP).

Furthermore, following an initial P3M3® assessment and CIP, FMA Agencies are required to report biannually on their progress against their CIP and target maturity levels.

An APMG Accredited Consultancy Organisation (ACO) can perform an independently validated and accredited P3M3® assessment which formally recognises your Agency’s maturity level.

This can be undertaken under the scrutiny of the APMG and lead to your Agency receiving formal recognition and certification. This formal recognition can be used as proof of your Agency’s capability to deliver programmes and projects and can be cited during the Department of Finance and Deregulation’s Gateway and Two Pass Review processes.

Tanner James is an ACO in P3M3®, MSP® and PRINCE2® and as such we sponsor experienced consultants who have been assessed on their knowledge of P3M3®, MSP®, PRINCE2® and PPM. ACOs have exclusive rights to assess organisations against the OGC P3M3®.

As an ACO, Tanner James not only has fully qualified individuals as P3M3®, MSP®, PRINCE2® and PPM Registered Consultants but has also undergone a full assessment of our management systems and processes for undertaking consultancy assignments.

As such, Tanner James is recommended by the Cabinet Office and APMG-Australasia, and is qualified to assess agencies using P3M3®.