The Cabinet Office's P3M3® is a capability maturity assessment model. It provides organisations with a model to assess their performance in portfolio, programme and project delivery and the results of a P3M3® assessment can be used as a baseline for organisational capability improvement.

P3M3 provides an opportunity for organisations to gain a greater insight into their portfolio, programme and project delivery capability. A well delivered P3M3 assessment provides the information needed to improve service delivery, create a business case for a capability improvement project, or benchmark yourself internally and externally.

The only way to achieve an APMG certified P3M3 maturity level for your organisation is to have an Accredited Consulting Organisation (ACO) undertake the assessment for you.

Tanner James is an ACO and is accredited to deliver P3M3 assessments at both the project and programme level (note: some ACOs are only accredited to assess at the project level).

To find out more about P3M3, you can download a free P3M3 White Paper here.

Tanner James would welcome the opportunity to discuss P3M3 further with your organisation. Contact us to discuss how we can assist your organisation.