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MANAGING BENEFITS Foundation – Public or In-house

There is one overriding factor behind the decision to produce the guide. Benefits are not simply just one aspect of project and programme management (PPM) - rather, they are the rationale for the investment of taxpayers’ and shareholders’ funds in change initiatives.

This three day Foundation course will provide guidance to managers and practitioners from multiple disciplines, working in a variety of organisations, with generally applicable guidance encompassing benefits management principles, practices and techniques. It will also prepare you for sitting the Managing Benefits Foundation Exam (40 minutes multi-choice format) at the end of the course. Exercises are used throughout this course to reinforce learning. Exercise sessions account for approximately 20% of the course.


Duration: 3 days

What recent delegates have said

"I liked that the training focussed more on the high level exec details rather than detailed document/artefact delivery" 

"I could see the links back to my previous course in MoP and the investment logic and priority setting" 

"I like the exec level benefits mapping to business strategy and what this means" - delegate said that is what will allow him to sell MB to his executive 
"I really appreciated the honest discussion about the need for and approach to really engaging stakeholders - we aren't good at that" 

"I liked that the course was delivered with little in the way of set "sanitised" group exercises and focussed upon real examples from participants." 

"I liked the "continuous chat" and that the trainer was experienced enough that interjections and insights were welcomed as part of action learning approach"

About the Course

The course provides you with:
  • an overview of benefits management - what it is, the case for doing it, and some common misconceptions that can limit its effectiveness in practice;
  • descriptions of the seven principles upon which successful approaches to benefits management are built, and examples of how they can be/have been applied in practice;
  • guidance on how to apply benefits management at a portfolio level, as well as at an individual project or programme level;
  • details of the five practices in the Benefits Management Cycle and examples of how they can be/have been applied in practice; and
  • advice on how to get started in implementing effective benefits management practices and sustain progress.

In-House Course Cost

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One-day Workshop

Tanner James also offers one-day, hands-on, Benefits Realisation in-house workshops. More information.