Would you rather concentrate on letting the information you’ve learned sink in, be able to do as much revision as you wish, then come back and attempt the exam? 

Tanner James is now offering Flexible Exam Courses so you can do just that: only sit the exam when you feel ready.

How it works

If you know you want the qualification that comes with sitting an exam, then simply book the training course as normal, then, you can opt during your course to either sit your exam if you're ready, or to reschedule it to another time.

If you're not sure if you will sit an exam at all, or would just rather  pay for the exam once you have decided you'll sit, you can opt to just pay for the course without the exam cost. Just use one of our discount codes to remove the cost of the exam.

  • NOFEX - for Foundation Exams
  • NOPEX - for Practitioner Exams  

Then, once you have locked in a time to sit your exam we'll send you an invoice.