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The government has a strong digital transformation agenda, to make it simple and fast to get things done with government, through any channel.  Agile approaches are popular, and have demonstrated delivery success.  Yet many departments and agencies are still grappling with the challenges of how to establish appropriate and effective governance and control that allows delivery of more value earlier and faster.

AXELOS is the home of global best practice, and has distilled practical guidance from real world experience and developing practice into a new and updated suite of frameworks that directly address these challenges.  Tanner James has been part of the piloting of these approaches in the Australian Public Service, and can help you establish best practice in using agile for digital transformation.

AgileSHIFT® for Departments and Agencies

Expectations are changing.  Citizens and the government want value delivered early, frequently with strong feedback cycles and utilising the latest technology.  Processes, controls and governance must change to match these expectations.

Transformational change must be enabled by the whole enterprise – top-down and bottom-up.  It goes far beyond IT.  All teams must be able to work in better ways, while maintaining focus on strategic outcomes for the organisation and on benefits.

Agile, structured and hybrid ways of working must harmoniously co-exist and support the relationship between strategic direction, governance and control for mid and senior level management, and the delivery teams.

For 2018 AXELOS has developed AgileSHIFT, a holistic framework that enables departments and agencies to align their portfolio, programme, project management and agile delivery approaches;  it incorporates lightweight delivery models that provide an excellent introduction to Agile and empowers everyone in the enterprise to embrace and enable transformational change. Read more about AgileSHIFT here.

Managing Successful Digital Transformation Programmes

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) was specifically designed for dealing with the complexity and ambiguity that comes with large-scale digital transformation.  It is the de facto standard for delivery of high risk/high impact government change initiatives.

It provides a strong focus on benefits realisation and effective stakeholder engagement, to enable achievement of the vision and delivery of the end-state that is centred around user needs.

Its flexible role-based governance approach makes it ideally suited to management of WofG transformations, and its use of tranches allow departments and agencies to deliver on priorities while responding to changing priorities, drivers and technologies.

PRINCE2 Agile®

PRINCE2 is the world’s most popular project management framework, and is the one most used by Australian government departments and agencies.

AXELOS has incorporated agile into PRINCE2, and the framework now offers detailed guidance on how to use it with agile delivery approaches – addressing things such as alignment of stages with sprints or releases, how epics and users stories can be used for product-based planning, and what ‘fail-fast’ means.

If you want more, PRINCE2 Agile is a great choice.  From 2018, it can now be undertaken as a three day Foundation Course with exam and two day Practitioner Course with exam.  In other words, PRINCE2 Agile offers an alternative pathway for those working on digital transformation projects who are seeking more agile than PRINCE2 itself offers.

Practical Agile and Kanban

There are many of the myths surrounding agile and its application in the workplace, especially for government digital transformation work.  One popular approach is Kanban - a method of visualising progress information that targets the elimination of wasted time and effort by enabling rapid continuous re-prioritisation and the flow of high value work across a team.

Tanner James offers agile training and workplace coaching for everyone - from people who are currently involved in project management who are first being exposed to agile approaches, to trained Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches trying to deliver in a government project management context.

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