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Digital Transformation; Essential but Hard - Webinar Summary

Tom Lynam

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Webinar - Strategic Benefits Mapping in the Public Service

As the Managing Benefits guidance points out “BENEFITS are not simply just one aspect of project and programme management, they are the rationale for the investment of tax payer’s and shareholder’s funds in change initiatives”. 

Understanding the contribution of change initiatives to organisational objectives is at the heart of effective benefits management. There needs to be a clear line of sight from strategic intent through to the benefits of change initiatives and vice versa. Where this is in place we have a basis for meaningful assessments of strategic contribution. 

In this webinar, Barry Anderson, Tanner James CEO, shared his insights into the strategic impact of benefits management in the public service. 

Barry looked at the drivers behind benefits management including that driver-based analysis and benefits management is two-way since benefits management should provide the data to validate and refine as necessary the business model and the assumptions upon which it is based.  Read Blog Here

6 Things to Avoid When Implementing PRINCE2

Last week we hosted a webinar and heard from the world’s foremost expert on PRINCE2. 

Known as the ‘The Yoda of PRINCE2’ (well that’s what we call him in the office), Colin Bentley wrote all the early versions of the PRINCE2 manual and was the lead reviewer and mentor to the 2009 revision to the PRINCE2 manual for the OGC. 

He was also the Chief Examiner for The APM Group until his retirement in 2008. 

Colin’s latest publication is titled PRINCE2 Rollout Approach and in this webinar he addressed the things that are essential to avoid when rolling out PRINCE2 to into an existing environment. 

You can view a recording of the webinar (video and audio only) as well as the slides below Read Blog Here

How To Apply PRINCE2 Better, Immediately

Last week we hosted a webinar: How To Apply PRINCE2 Better, Immediately. Thanks to everyone who logged in and participated. Read Blog Here

Benefits Management Webinar – It doesn’t have to be complicated

Last week we hosted a webinar: Benefits Management – It doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to everyone who logged in and participated. Read Blog Here