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The 2012 PRINCE2 Manifesto - Free eBook

John Howarth

We have pulled together all the content we have shared about PRINCE2 on our blog this year. For those that are close followers of our work, you’ll notice that we have simply collated some of our blog posts and put it into a handy format.  Read Blog Here

How to Handle Project Issues

This is a guest post by our good friend Gavan Murphy. Read Blog Here

How To Apply PRINCE2 Better, Immediately

Last week we hosted a webinar: How To Apply PRINCE2 Better, Immediately. Thanks to everyone who logged in and participated. Read Blog Here

Bold ideas for newly trained project managers

John Howarth
 Read Blog Here

Too busy fighting the war with bows and arrows to buy a rifle?

John Howarth

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Avoiding death-by-template

John Howarth

“We have to fill out reams of templates and I don’t see the value in that” – this is one of the most common criticisms levelled at project management frameworks in general, and PRINCE2® in particular. So I would like to offer some thoughts as to why this perception is so common and how to avoid ‘death-by-template’ on your project. Read Blog Here