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Why aren’t we getting better at programme and project management?

John Howarth

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6 Things to Avoid When Implementing PRINCE2

Daniel Oyston

Last week we hosted a webinar and heard from the world’s foremost expert on PRINCE2. 

Known as the ‘The Yoda of PRINCE2’ (well that’s what we call him in the office), Colin Bentley wrote all the early versions of the PRINCE2 manual and was the lead reviewer and mentor to the 2009 revision to the PRINCE2 manual for the OGC. 

He was also the Chief Examiner for The APM Group until his retirement in 2008. 

Colin’s latest publication is titled PRINCE2 Rollout Approach and in this webinar he addressed the things that are essential to avoid when rolling out PRINCE2 to into an existing environment. 

You can view a recording of the webinar (video and audio only) as well as the slides below Read Blog Here

How do I implement MSP (Managing Successful Programmes)?

John Howarth

How do I implement MSP?  Read Blog Here

Event Wrap - P3M3 Assessment & Capability Improvement Plan Progress

Daniel Oyston

Last week, we attended an event co-hosted by the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) and the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) which brought together Public and Private sector to talk about how P3M3 assessments and Capability Improvement Plans are progressing. Read Blog Here

Translating a P3M3 Assessment into a Capability Improvement Plan

John Howarth
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Have you read PM&C’s Guide to Implementation Planning?

John Howarth

In August last year, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Cabinet Implementation Unit, released Guide to Implementation Planning. Read Blog Here