agileshift® for 
digital transformation

AgileSHIFT is a guidance framework which helps to prepare an organization for transformational change and to thrive in an environment constantly disrupted by policy changes, technology innovation and societal expectations. 

AgileSHIFT is designed to create:

  • A shift in the mindset of the whole organization to agile and lean ways of working.
  •  A holistic approach to enable individuals and teams to use the most appropriate method or approach to deliver value
  •  A focus upon the link between strategic direction and those doing the work by offering top-down and bottom-up approaches
  •  A way to empower every member of staff to add value, regardless of their position or location in the organization.

AgileSHIFT provides guidance at three levels:

  • Senior Executives
  • Middle Management
  • Operational level

Organisations which adopt AgileSHIFT will:

  • More easily adopt digital transformation and make it simple and fast for their citizen-clients to get things done with government.
  • More rapidly align change and BAU activities to their agencies citizen-centric strategic goals
  • More easily improve and increase their operational efficiency and service effectiveness
  • More easily create an inclusive and collaborative corporate culture

AgileSHIFT is only offered as an In-House Course:

Because AgileSHIFT is designed to transform the whole organisation and to be inclusive of all elements of the organisation, Tanner James does not believe it is appropriate to train individuals in isolation from the wider organisational context.  Accordingly AgileSHIFT is only offered In-House and will not be offered as a public course.

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